Exchange 22| How to Play Exchange 22| Multibagger in Exchange 22|

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  • 8/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Exchange 22| How to Play Exchange 22| Multibagger inExchange 22|
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    In this video we discuss how we play on exchange 22 application, exchange 22 application is a unique cricket fantasy platform,in this video I will explain how you can play on the application, sell players on the app and earn profit. how the multibagger rules work in the application exchange 22.
    Exchange 22| How to Play Exchange 22| Multibagger inExchange 22|
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    Doubt 1
    In case of 2 player with same point ?
    Prize will be shared

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    Hi bro... Just wanted to know which is the best time to invest in multibagger, as I took ard 30 shares of Devine for 7.50 something return total ard 6-7 players late at night and slept...when checked in the morning all investment was changed Devine got 5.89, some others also got less... I got in loss, it will be helpful if u provide some info on this issue, no doubt u provide best of knowledge and each videos are awesome.

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