RR vs SRH Dream11 Team|RR vs SRH Dream11|RR vs SRH Dream11 Prediction|

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  • 30/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • RR vs SRH Dream11 Team|RR vs SRH Dream11|RR vs SRH Dream11 Prediction| is brought to you by cric11forecast RR vs SRH Dream11 Team|RR vs SRH Dream11|RR vs SRH Dream11 Prediction|is first match of rr vs srh ipl and includes match preview for rr vs srh from the ipl or the Indian premier league ipl 2021

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    1. This analysis is based on my
    Understanding, knowledge and instinct .While selecting your team, consider the points mentioned and make your own decision.
    2.Dream11 takes great care to comply with all central and state legislation in India to ensure that users are fully protected. Every contest on platform is carefully designed to comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India.
    Dream11 constitutes a ‘game of mere skill’, which makes the Dream11 game exempt from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA).
    Dream11 is a legitimate business activity protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India
    RR vs SRH Dream11 Team|RR vs SRH Dream11|RR vs SRH Dream11 Prediction|
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      Shivam dube le sakte hai kya

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      Telegram name btao yrr, link se nhi ho rha join plz🙏🙏🙏

    • Appy Creations
      Appy Creations साल पहले

      Telegram name btao yrr, link se nhi ho rha join plz🙏🙏🙏

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      Paisa na dene vali baat starting me bola karo bhai

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      Plz Bhai grand 11 team ki video dalo

  • Bahu Bali
    Bahu Bali साल पहले

    As u said I made Poly as C in GL & got good rank ❤❤

  • abhijit maity
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    Great analysis onece again 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    I am actually so very grateful to you for you shared so very knowledge of yours with us.

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    Good job !! Keep it up way to go👍

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    Thanks bhai for all your efforts for us❤️

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    Was waiting bro. Hope you give both GL video🎥

  • Mohit Dheer
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    Holder is the best bcoz of bouncing.....

  • Tapash Das
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    last night One sided win by .. k pollard.. maine Jimmy ki upor pollard liya tha ... Thnx Piyush bhai 🤗🤗❤️💜

  • Shailesh Makwana
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    Jason holder, wicket taker also hitting capabilities

  • Abhaya Mishra
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    Agar RR 1st innings mein batting karti hai to I think Miller Ke comparison mein jaiswal best rahega...kiyunki open kar raha hai....aur miller bht niche aa rahe hein

  • Gourav chavan
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    Hi on your telegram before match starts please put H2H team and mention which team. Thank you doing great job

  • Aniket Pandey
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    This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely. I wish you a lot of success with the channel and happy life.

  • Dezul Udani
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    Even I have the feeling ki Holder will be in team

  • Reddy
    Reddy साल पहले

    Holder is good pick bhaiya.
    All rounder ability is most valuable in T20 and we all know holder's capabilities

  • swapnil gajbhiye
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    Hats off to your analysis

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    Best always bro ❤️🔥🔥👌

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    Thankyou so much bhai for the analysis, please take care


    Love you bhai. Respect to your dedication.

  • satish karandikar
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    You are awesome bro I won yesterday because you
    Your videos is too good and I like your method

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    Hello Piyush bhai 💕❤️
    Great video analysis ❤️😘

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    Good morning bro....
    Have a sweet dayyy
    Thank uu so much for best analysis bro.... 🥰🥰

  • Sanit Singh
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    Piyush bhai you grown faster in this ipl because in 20 matches you got around 70000 extra members....
    And that's all because of your hard work...
    #inform expert ..
    His predictions cannot be neglected

  • Amit D'ROZARIO
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    Bro take care of yourself...take steam put some laung in it take daily 2-3 time bro it will help you a lot ..

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    Roy and Bairstow best operner in the world🙏

  • Mr Zeeshan
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    Warner ki jagah Jason Roy askta hai because of batting pitch

  • Ashish Bhadri
    Ashish Bhadri साल पहले

    Bookie prediction: SRH WILL WIN

  • Reddy
    Reddy साल पहले

    Jonny-pandey open
    Williamson at 3
    Holder at 4 or 5 Accha rahega shayad SRH k liye.
    And however Pandey got his century at open for RCB in past.

  • Sunny Mandaviya
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    Bro tere jesa koi hard ich nahi hai❤❤❤

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    Really great analysis piyush sir

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    पैसा आना ना आना किस्मत की बात है यार, बस आपका वीडियो देख कर मजा आ जाता है। गुड

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      Ye zatu dream11 pe kya hilane aata hai kya ?

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      abe ye koi match jitane wale hoty to khud youtube m video n dalty ok

    • sandeep singh
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      or ye banda v comments like kra..

    • sandeep singh
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      wah mja ata h.. kya baat h.. paisa koi langar m milra kya bhai

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    You give 100% bro we will support you

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    Bhai aapki gl series dekhne ke baad boht jyada improvement aaya h.. pehle 40,000-50,000 ke bich me rank ati thi wo ab 150-200 b aane lgi h❤️ hope ek din top 10 me aake aapko winning screenshot dikhaunga❤️❤️

  • Shailesh Makwana
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    Van der dusson ko CSA ne na bola hai injury ki vajah se, wo nahi aane wala

  • Mohit giri
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    Thanks ❤

    FREE K SWAD SHORTS साल पहले +1

    Captian se warner ko htana sahi fesla h but team se bahr krna wrong decision yhi vjh h aaj m RR ko spot krunga vese me Mipaltan ka fan hu 💙💙💙

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    Superb sir 👏 🔥🔥

  • SM46Akash mane
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    Jason holder because balling attack and bat well and deeath boller

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    God bless you Bhai🔥🔥

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    Jason holder ayega and shah hona chiye

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    Kal clearly kha tha Pollard kaa role rhega , raydu ko rakh lo , bolt ek ko khayega , deepak chala to theek nhi to koi bat nahi !! But Wahi baat "Guu ke Bhai paad" !! Kal ka poora video jordar rha Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    All win Bhai...

  • Abhi meena
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    Yesterday.. I pick polly C and moin VC after your video.. ..!!

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      @Sohaib Zaman the last one where he suggest your own mind , got insight how to create GL teams with logical thinking.

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      which video???

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    Get well soon.

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    Congratulations for 200k + sub telegram

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    Piyush bhai mein hope kra hunn ki aaj Rr ke management Miller jaldi bhejenge uper batting ke liye Dube ke jagha.....
    Kyu ki Miller ki batting capability kahi jyada hai Dube se aur mid overs mein Rashid ko tackle wahi karenge I hope leggie ke aage lefty batsmen..
    Baki RR management is GREAT..!

      CRIC11 FORECAST  साल पहले


    • Witty Sanket
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      @CRIC11 FORECAST haa tabhi to meine kaha Miller ke batting capability jyada h dube se waise bhi dube ne aakr 30 ball mein 33 hi banane h to Miller hi thik h..

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    Yesterday 1 gl win.. Your video teem thanx u SO much

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    Bhai plz reply who will bowl 20th over for srh if holder won't play
    Mostly Roy will replace warner

    • Learning
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      @CRIC11 FORECAST thanks for the reply bhai 🙏❤️

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      Kaul mostly

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